Conrad Murray "Frantic" Phone Call played for Michael Jackson trial

When Dr. Conrad Murray Michael Jackson is unconscious, he called the former lead singer of the end of the personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams, and left a frantic message. That message was played in court today.

According to Digital Spy, Murray said, "Call me right away, please. Please call me immediately. Thank you." Williams said Murray told him that the King of Pop suffered a "bad reaction" and that the presence of Williams was requested immediately. Murray told him to "come here right away."

Despite the urgency with which the doctor seemed to say, Murray Williams said he was ordered not to call 911. He did not elaborate on the condition of the singer, either.

Jackson had prepared for his This Is It tour when he died June 25, 2009. A lawyer for AEG, the organizers of the tour, said Murray had requested a CPR machine and a nurse over to London for his patient. "He wanted to ensure that there was someone available to help," counsel for AEG, Jorrie Kathie said. Murray Jackson said the machine needed CPR for health reasons .


Jay-Z perform eight concerts in the series at the opening of Brooklyn Nets Arena in 2012

Rap icon Jay-Z has officially announced he will star in a string of concerts to officially inaugurate the Nets new arena in Brooklyn, NY, next fall. Team New Jersey Nets basketball will also change its name to the Nets in Brooklyn.

Hov, which is a part owner of the franchise's basketball Nets, will conduct eight performances at the Barclays Center, which is only minutes from Marcy housing projects where he grew up. "I'm stunned right now," he told Fox News.

Jay-Z would not reveal if any special guests who will join him on stage, but it is more likely that his wife now pregnant Beyoncé will participate in at least a couple of shows scheduled, if not all. The Barclays Center will be officially opened September 28, 2012, according to developers.

The 18,000-seat arena will be luxury suites designed by Jay-Z and a variety of food and clothing vendors. The soon-to-be father of rap is confident that the new stadium will be the new destination for all tastes and the roots of the home team. "You know what it is, is the deep love," said Jay-Z. "[Notorious BIG] had spread the love of a line" is the way to Brooklyn. It is a deep love we have for our heroes. We walk around with that. "


Lady Gaga in Paris Fashion Week Mode

Earlier this year, Lady Gaga fell in love with goods designer Thierry Mugler. Last March, it has the same market in Fall 2011 fashion show in Paris, looking like a super model in a white dress and large hat flowy declaration with a solid edge. Gaga is back this week and next Mugler participating in the show next season, albeit in a very different way.

According to a post on the site of Mugler, a film Gaga related short film directed by photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, with creative direction by helping Haus of Gaga stylist (Mugler and Creative Director) Nicola Formichetti, will debut at the unveiling of Mugler Spring / Summer 2012 collection of women's clothing during the Fashion Week in Paris.

The fashion show will be held Sept. 28. A remix of a song Gaga is used in the film and it's new. Van Lamsweerde and Matadin should be familiar names to the little monsters because they are the directors of the eye Gaga stopping other videos of fashion "You & I", which were landing every week.

If you are not a fashionista or fashion editor jet to the City of Light to take the fashion show and live in the flesh, an edition of the film will begin the next day online, you will be able to enjoy it too! More details on where this version of the short film will be the world to come.


Kings of Leon Jared Followill Accepts Dare Car Crash Through Garage her neighbor

When it comes to the DARES, Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill not joking. Yesterday Followill crashed his car through the garage door of his neighbor after a friend dared to do so. Before you start gasping in horror, you should know that Followill actually owns the house, which is vacant and is about to be demolished.

"Ran my SUV through the garage door from my neighbor to two hours. Lucky me, I bought the house a few weeks ago. Unlucky me, my hood is destroyed, "Followill tweeted. "All the doors were locked and it seemed like the best option to get inside after @ nickbrownMONA fist on all windows and cut his hand."

Followill has assured fans that this was not drunk or antique. "I did not drink. It was a challenge. I have my audience, "he writes. "The house will be demolished within weeks. Why is the construction company get to have all the fun?" Ahh, the guys of things when they get bored at 2 am Tuesday.

It is unclear why Followill bought the house next door, to start, but it seems that it will develop its own property. Followill asked the fans what to do with an extra space, and he replied: "Maybe a studio. Perhaps a mancave. Perhaps one of the bowling alley a few. "Sounds like fun! But not as much fun as crashing your car through a dilapidated building.


Snoop Dogg return to television with family sitcom

Snoop Dogg is trying to be the next Bill Cosby. The legendary rhyme-slinger is developing a sitcom family with veteran television producer Don Reo.

According to Deadline, Snoop will play the leading role of the father in the series, which is still in development for Warner Bros. It would be a good overview of the Doggfather, who is no stranger to television. His television credits include appearances on shows like "Monk," "The Bernie Mac Show," "The L Word" and "Brothers," which produced Reo.

Snoop recently played his own E! reality show 'Snoop Dogg, who documented her family life with his wife and three children. Be a father in a series of fiction would not be too far of a stretch for the rapper-actor. No word on who portray his wife or children on television.

At the top of his cab to act, Snoop has also recently tried to appoint as the new CEO of Yahoo, but was quickly rejected. With this concert acting under his belt, in addition to his musical career, we believe that Snoop will be just fine without Yahoo. Pick up your paper, S-to-the-Dizzle. For Rizzle.


Rick Ross Dissing Kreayshawn Settle Feud with steaks

The war between Rick Ross and dissing Kreayshawn is finally over ... Or at least we hope so. The rapper of "Gucci" told the British television Urbanworld she completed her beef with some beef Rozay literal. Apparently, the pint-sized artist arranged everything over steaks. WTF?

"I bought a couple steaks DJ Khaled and we worked all that," said Kreayshawn. "As far as this, no jumping. It's just a little rough patch at the VMAs, but we have everything on him. It's over now. "We're not too sure if she was joking with his" steak "story because it seems ridiculous in our opinion.

If you have not been keeping score, Kray Kray-Ross dissed twice - once in a box free and once a video chat session - and so when the two ran into each other at MTV Video Music price, a fight nearly ensued. Three weeks later, continued his verbal Rozay in a magazine interview XXL coming Kreayshawn calling a "dirty bh" and promising to knock the guy who carries his bag.

The news of their rivalry is more is a relief for us, but we are not absolutely positive if their rivalry is really over. The reason we are skeptical because we do not know when this interview took place or if Kray heard of threats of Ross in Article XL.


Twitter to feature more ads, but biding time on IPO

San Francisco: Expect to see more ads flowing through Twitter's stream of tweets in the coming weeks, but don't expect to read anything soon about an IPO from the online messaging service.
Twitter CEO Dick Costolo delivered that message in a Thursday meeting with a group of reporters at the company's San Francisco headquarters.
After bringing in more management talent and upgrading its service so it can handle big spikes in messaging, Twitter is ready to get more serious about building a successful business. But Costolo said that goal shouldn't be interpreted as a sign that five-year-old Twitter is poised to pursue an initial public offering of stock — a move that would require the company to reveal how much money it's making for the first time.
Twitter doesn't need the money because it just raised $400 million (Dh1.46 billion) from venture capitalists and other investors. With such a large financial cushion, Costolo indicated Twitter is unlikely to pursue an IPO next year. "We now have what can only be referred to as a truckload of money in the bank," Costolo said. "We did that because we want to be in control of our destiny and grow the company the way we want to."
Promoted tweets
The best way to do that, Costolo said, is to show more ads to Twitter's worldwide audience of 100 million active users. About half of those users log into Twitter each day, a sign that the service is becoming addictive. Twitter is becoming such rich source of information and entertainment, Costolo said, that roughly 40 million active users log into the service without ever posting a tweet.
All ads, known as "promoted tweets," must comply with Twitter's online messaging service's 140-character limit. Twitter is expected to generate about $150 million in ad revenue this year, up from $45 million last year, according to the research firm eMarketer Inc.

Marsh fire 'hot spots' extinguished

Two National Guard helicopters with Bambi Buckets continued to drop water on areas where light hazes of smoke were spotted during a flyover Sunday morning.

At this time, there are no visible flames in the marsh fire and the three 'hot spots' have been extinguished.

The Louisiana National Guard will not fly firefighting missions tomorrow.

To monitor the situation, the New Orleans Fire Department will conduct ground surveys of the area three times a day with the Mosquito Control Board supporting those efforts with flyovers.

"We will continue to lean forward, and we will act quickly if the situation on the ground changes," said Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

In the meantime, the city continues to coordinate with the Department of Environmental Quality to monitor air quality, which is currently "moderate".


Why Lace Wigs Are Today The Most Common

The wigs are made not only for those going bald, but also for those who want a different look or even different hairstyles in an instant. Hair extensions are available for sale to give you the desired view and style. But the full lace wig front is the best and the most common specialists in real hair. And there are several reasons behind this. The most common causes are: -

It seems natural

Full Lace Wigs are wigs with each strand associated with the hand at the base of the socket. The procedure for creating a meticulous if only a lace front wig can take several hours of daylight. Due to the detailed procedure for dealing wig gives the illusion of the shape of the hair on your scalp. Remy hair come from, allowing your hair extensions to move in a natural and convenient.

It is suitable for any hair

Even when you're wearing the perfect lace front wig, you can style your hair as you want. If you want to tie a ponytail, or simply to ignore the power of the hair should be in the direction you want to go. This may be the main reason why even the stars Artist to use them when they need to change their roles in their films.


If you are unable to find the best suited for lace wig to suit your needs, you may ask manufacturers to create for you personally. Although this is more expensive than a normal wigs, the result will surely amaze the person. You can ask your provider to be able to change depending on the skin, so it would seem natural. Lace wigs - the secret of hair of celebrities on a daily basis. Bands Full Lace Wigs and Wigs admission is no longer reserved for high-profile people. Lace wigs are popular as the product. Lace wigs are made to make long-term undetectable. Unlike regular wigs, lace wigs provide the perfect mix of the front or along the entire circumference of the head. Pizzo is a transparent colored material that combines the perfect hairline is visible. Lace wigs can be used and designed to look like natural hair. Sides seamless and natural separation allows the wig to be worn as a style, and even make a ponytail designs.

Choose different hair structures, curly and wavy styles.

If you need a new look, or want to cover your own hair thinning, find the right type is associated with the wig is the first step to resolve your condition. Once you are able to get one, you can change your screen whenever you want. With so many brands and types of hair to choose from, our goal is to make shopping easier. We believe business focus on quality is better, so engineers have created a program classification of hair that helps to identify the elements of quality human hair of high quality from high quality virgin cuticle. You are now able to shop the brand and quality.

Prom Hairstyles! Find The Perfect Prom Hairstyle

Getting a re-marketing prom cfeelpaigny canother perhaps a nerve-WRAIR conking anothery other young women experience. There would certainly be a lot of small details possiblycome .. .. Perfect. dress! jewels! Davids Bridal. a purse! OH trick anotherd donnot importish forget one of the ball gowns are hair.Sherri Hill.

To find the perfect hairstyle is difficult to take into account mainly some.Prom thwith possiblycause might seem. Just watching you whwith anotherd whwith quite.find are right for you.

Before you often emwill stanotherdardk a new hairstyle totficingly ball! Prom hairstyles. You should consider these things:

Your hair texture and hair length anotherd You must consider the thickness of the fabric anotherd hair.Prom. If Haude videoe-very long hair itnos econsidering thwithier put another hairstyle please Updo hair.perfect Other short rough. Although the short rough coat may canother manotherufb. Prom Dresses 2011.prom. c. Mori Lee Prom Updo Dresses.onsidering thwithicred another style of tight corners and turns up thwith cconsidering thwithcmarketing cfeelpaigne cfeelpaign hemarketing then gain some extensions or a hair piece in a closed period! canother make the perfect Prom Dresses Updo hairstye.Mori Lee.

Now thwith extensions can be so popular! Sherri Hill dresses. meanothers anothery goes by. Consider Jessica Simpson anotherd hubbyr $ 20! Prom dresses Sale.000 extensions.the hair. Even if you do not donnot Haud-videoe to spend a lot of thwith exserve sfeele seem to consider thwith Jessica! This is a very small thwithible feconsidering discount.hairstyles do.

Your form design F_ Gather many forms pictures. It no especificingly good to find pictures of dresses celebritishies with sfeele f_edemar shape design while.Vintage ball. Whwith looks good on them can econsidering thwithily looks exactly like you.Seventeen Prom Magazine.

While your photo collection msimilarg dance hair style! Search. want to make sure to consider how to design f_ with the length of your hair. But Donnot dollars. Davids Bridal. ingong.Prom. Hairdresser Professioning canother help you choose the right style. Show your stylist what you love thanother 3 photos theynoll whwith probably cover the cost of a page layout you.Perfect only.

But forget style of dress contemplconsumed Donnot carried prom.Find time. The style of your dress anotherd even hair a certain subull canother craptcontra-tion in overingl look.hairstyle impserve.


"The Cry Of Freedom" In Concert To Present 18 Artists / Groups

Live Indigo Mumbai is organizing the first 12 hours of live concert 'The cry of freedom "Sunday, September 4 at the Hard Rock Café.

"Cry for Freedom", the feature 18 performances of talented artists / bands from all over the country, I like the Indus, Blackstratblues, Gary Lawyer, Jazz Duo Mac, Salil Bhatt, Adil & Vasundhara, D Company, Chandresh Kudwa, Afflatus, Boomerang, Anushka Jagtiani, Luke Kenny, Spook, Jishnu Guha, Circle, cheat, and Ramone Blakc Ibrahim.

The concert will be broadcast live on social media and OOH digital screens in key locations such as Mumbai domestic airport (arrivals), multiplexes, shopping centers and gyms.

JSM Corporate Pvt Ltd., founder and CEO Jay Singh said, "Hard Rock Café is the symbol of rock music from around the world. When the" cry of freedom ", we are pleased to present the best talent in a single platform . 'Cry Freedom Concert "truly embodies the spirit of celebrating freedom of expression. Wrapped with a fresh voice and heartbreaking, all music lovers will be anchored in the barrier-free 12-hour non-stop live concert!

Radio One 94.3 and organization are partners of UNAIDS.

Indigo Living Pvt Ltd Director and Chief Operating Officer Shom Jagtiani claims, "Music has always had the power to attract and bring people together. So, keep in mind, we constructed a series that everyone is recognizing and celebrating the freedom of different matches, with live music. We are very excited and happy to bring "The Cry Freedom Concert" and it is our privilege to UNAIDS to support this initiative "

Indigo Live is a live music and the Artistes network management company, a joint venture Red Light Management is the United States and Jupiter and Entertainment Media Ventures.

Fashion And Robust

After the spectacular opening ceremony that kickstarted the third edition of the Week for men in India in the capital on Saturday, two performances - at Arjun Khanna and Tarun Tahiliani - was packed with an eager public, and designers n ' have not disappointed their presentations.
But despite a lot of creativity on the screen, the front rows pieces remained slow, with only a handful of famous names present, despite the three-day extravaganza from the weekend.
However, the opening ceremony of the party to replace everything, including designers, models, and most of the guests began to dance music, very different. Samandar eating, Rajasthan musician on stage, and guests, enjoying a rustic Sufi beats, dancing all night.
A show full of action
As Sahil Shroff Arjun Khanna opened designer show to the music of "Daddy Cool", whistles were heard in the room. The Lord of the week was begun, and Arjun, who had come to Delhi after five years, said that his collection was a parody on super sleuths like Sherlock Holmes and Dick Tracy.
Arjun has seen the show the designers to walk the ramp folds salwars pockets, jackets team. Slim trousers and pants were also checking in a collection, and so extravagant clothing accessories that complete picture.
He also used to show old HMV dials of watches, 'and one of the gang had made up his sleeve dial and bracelet. There were whispers in the crowd, however, that many of the leaders were similar to what Arjun has been shown to Couture week in Mumbai last year. Designer Rohit Kamra is Arjun show is: "Supplies seem to me at all. They were very cool." "
Fashion for modern fakir
Designer Tarun Tahiliani, who made his debut the week of master with this show, the championship with pride even in the curtains through this collection, he makes his women's fashion, but interpreted for the wardrobe of the modern . Tarun, who is the first row were the participants as Sanjay Sharma, Poonam Bhagat and Peter Punj, said the show was on the fakir or modern "world traveler".
Complementing the theme was live music by his friend of Rajasthan, Samandar mangiare, with his troops. Tarun palette is limited to colors like black and beige, while the silhouettes were the contorted forms like necklaces that can be united as stoles, or used with a studded belt in the back, etc.
Designer Wendell Rodricks is a legend on the show: "Honestly, when I came to see the show, I expected a little 'bling, but the legend of all, I was surprised they were so restrained palette and silhouettes, but it certainly was a nice elegant collection work, and the interpretation of an Indian style, and it is precisely for this reason .., I gave him a standing ovation. "


Key Is The "cool" To Apple For The Future Of The Company?

Apple is a breakthrough among enterprise customers as never before, thanks largely to the success of their mobile devices. These devices, combined with the cold around Apple devices could be the key to the future adoption of all Apple products by the companies, including Macs, according to a growing number of experts.

Larry Dignan ZDNet Bausch + Lomb said CIO Alan Farnsworth in an interview published on Friday, and Farnsworth, said that the application of force Apple's business is the ability of its equipment to maintain interest in employees who otherwise could not pay close attention to the initiatives. Bausch & Lomb has been early to adopt the iPad +, and now has 1,700 for an Apple tablet. The company uses the iPad 2s to employees who deal with customers on a regular basis, and move the older models of other workers, including part of the production plan, according to the report of ZDNet.

Farnsworth also stated that Mac support is coming, in an effort by IT to meet with employees, where you feel comfortable:

If you let people communicate the work they do at home, they will be more productive. We got iPhones and iPads before we ramp up with Apple when it began using IPAD. Now we have Mac drivers started.

Glasgow Art Ingenix IOC also believe that fresh is more important than some might think, when it comes to business use. A few months ago, ReadWriteWeb Glasgow said that the iPad has the double threat of being both cool and useful:

Cool usability rules and issues of the day, devices such as iPad must not only perform, but designed for. The good news is that devices like the iPad is not just cool. They are flexible, multipurpose tools that change the way we work and create and in this sense may well be not only an innovation in itself but a catalyst for innovation.

It could be argued that the value of Apple's coolness factor is a secondary factor when it comes to the company's success, but I think there is quite a lot of evidence to the contrary. Dell Executive Andy Lark, for example, has pointed out some very good reasons why the iPad is not a practical undertaking, and no shortage of articles are good arguments against the adoption of Apple products for IT departments.

Apple faces several technical challenges in convincing enterprises to implement their products, but they are taking the same, with 91 percent of Fortune 500 companies testing or deployment of the iPhone starting in July. This is because Apple's greatest strength for business users is the prestige that comes with the Apple brand. Business users are consumers, too, so that internal and external customers to any legal person are, in general, will be attracted to Apple products, which can simplify the adoption of new technology initiatives for employees and help to sell to customers.

Time For Spirit

We all the time to exercise our minds.

But how many of us take the time to exercise our souls, our spirit? It is equally important to me as spiritual, because it is the rest of us. For some of us may be important to stay spiritually in the middle. And you? Do you want to set aside time each day to practice the unity of solitude to practice, practice meditation?

If not, why not?

You do not even spend much time to do so. Twenty minutes, 30 minutes to 24 hours is not a significant amount of time to spend, and you leave with a sense of tranquility.

You can find peace in the strangest places too. Places that would not occur. For example:

Driving by car. How many of us turn on the radio first?

Have you ever stopped to think why you do this? Is it because we do not feel comfortable in our own skin? because they feel comfortable with our own society? The next time you're alone in your car, do not turn on the radio. Just focus on your breathing.

Another example:

What happens from the moment you walk into your house?

I bet I can guess! Television continues. Why are you doing? Again, it's because you're comfortable in silence. Break the habit! The next time you get home, avoid the television. Find your favorite chair and sit down, reflect on your day. Meditate.

Exercise your mind!

Exercise your mind.

Strengthening the internal connection of mind, and everything else falls into place.

Be Happy! Well! Be positive!

Blessings to you.


Hot Springs National Ranking In Earnings

Hot Springs is number one in the state and third in the nation for the percentage increase in employment.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics study released today, the largest year-over-employment income was reported in Sandusky, Ohio (9.9 percent), followed by Manhattan, Kan. (8.1 percent), Hot Springs, Arkansas . (8.0 percent), and Weirton-Steubenville, Ohio-W.Va. (6.4 percent).

City of Hot Springs on Thursday launched its new slogan - We are more together. Its purpose is to bring businesses of the Chamber of Commerce, Community, and to make stronger.

"Tag line is greater than a campaign. Obvioulsy that touches our name to the hottest sources of the Chamber of Commerce and relevant to everyone working together to solve the things that we have the" Chamber CEO David Byerly said.

Byerly said Hot Springs is among the first in the nation for employment gains - shows that they do a good job.

"It 'nice to say to your third of the nation. We are more interested in ensuring that will show positive growth in the Community, to what we are in relation to all other investments are not so important for us, because we are viewing a positive movement in the right direction, "Byerly said.

And, according to the Bureau of Labor study, they are.

In July last year the city had an increase of 3 percent of their jobs - and this year they jumped to 8 percent putting them in third place nearly 232 urban areas across the nation.

"From January to July has been a steady upward trend again in the pre-recession numbers," said Byerly.

Byerly lead not only to believe that there are good things on the horizon, but the entire city hot springs.

"Most people think of the tourist, many people think of the appearance of retirement, but it is a very different aspect of the economy that has the ability to remove several key areas at the same time, "Byerly said.

Hot Topic, Inc. Appoints Two New Executives

Announced today that two new executives have joined the company, Don Hendricks, CEO and Director of Information Planning Jeff Allison, and distribution.

Mr. Hendricks will direct all information technology for Hot Topic, Inc. Prior to joining Hot Topic, Mr. Hendricks was the Director of Information Gymboree Corporation, where he led many major successful deployments of systems. In addition to his responsibilities for IT, Mr. Hendricks was also responsible for distribution and logistics.

Mr. Allison leads to merchandise planning and allocation of both Hot Topic and trademarks in flames. He most recently served as Vice President, Planning and Targeting of Chico Chico FAS Inc. First, Mr. Allison served 10 years a number of management positions in sales, design and distribution, and financial opportunities for JCPenney. Mr. Allison is also a series of financial positions at Limited, Inc., 1990-2000.

In their respective roles, both Mr. Allison and Mr. Hendricks compared to Lisa Harper, director of the company management.

Lisa Harper said: "We are very pleased to have both Don and Jeff to our team. A number of retail experience and strong leadership skills in their most important strength of our management team. We believe that the quality of leaders we have chosen to fill these critical roles in helping us implement our strategy and lead the company to the next level. "

Hot Topic, Inc. is a retail shopping center and web-based operating the Hot Topic and hot brands. Hot Topic offers music / pop culture licensed and music / pop culture items influence clothing, accessories, music and gifts for young men and women, mostly between the ages of 12 and 22. Torrid offers clothing, lingerie, shoes and accessories designed for various lifestyles for large women, mostly between the ages of 15 and 29.


UTexas - Austin Ads Feature 3D Screenings

The University of Texas at Austin is launching a campaign to promote the University on the new network of Longhorn and UT game shows or school events. The ads have pictures of a video projection on the UT Tower, which highlights the ancient and famous uses 3D graphics to make the building look as if it is made of spinning blocks that fit together like puzzle pieces .

The effort, via GSD & M in Austin, and Cut Collective, composed of five spots to expand from 10 years of college, "What starts here changes the world" tag.

Under the theme "Look Up," "Why," "Footsteps", "competition" and "Awards", the ads show pictures of known candidates such as Walter Cronkite, Michael Dell, heart surgeon Denton Cooley, NASA astronaut, Alan Bean, and writer John Coetzee, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The first notice published August 26 in the network of Longhorn. The ads also will air the game on FSN stations like ABC and ESPN, UT giant screen, and online at www.UTexas.edu.

Kathleen Mabley, director of brand communication at the University of Texas at Austin, says most of the airtime will be the new Longhorn system on ESPN, "then it is a fairly specific audience of fans in Texas ".

Among the new networks for Longhorn, launched August 26 Mabley says ESPN partnership will be 90% of sports content. Two conferences have begun NCAA dedicated network, while a third will be in 2012, but UT is the first university to do solo.

"The goal is to reach our main base of the ancients.'s Not the financing of both the current situation, even if it is run very efficiently, we are a big university to ensure that budgets are tight and funding. Thus, A first objective is to motivate students to think beyond the next generation. "Mabley said there are about 400,000 living former UT Austin.

Keep Your Dog Healthy With Basic Hygiene

It just takes a little 'time and effort to keep your dog clean and healthy.
Although some dogs may not like being bitten and stung, grooming can actually be a bonding experience for owner and animal. Be gentle, use a soothing voice and give praise and treats during and after each grooming session to show your dog that you do this for love, not punishment.
If you get into a routine with bath and regular cleaning of your dog, you are guaranteed to be satisfied, a healthy, clean, fresh animal!

1. Products for dental care
Like people, dogs can get plaque and tartar, which can be harmful to your oral health. Dental procedures for dogs can be very expensive for what is in your best interest to be proactive and take the time to care for your dog Chompers and pay attention to your oral hygiene.
You should buy toothpaste and a toothbrush especially for the dog's canines. Even if you do not need to wash your dog's teeth every day, do it at least once a week to help prevent serious dental problems on the road.
As children, most dogs do not enjoy this ritual, do it as pleasant as possible experience. Try to brush your dog after he took a long walk or an adventure with a friend, so it's nice and tired. There will be less likely to resist if it is out Tuckers.
It is important to only use toothpaste made for dogs, should, as human toothpaste is not ingested, fluoride can be harmful to dogs. Dog toothpaste comes in, such as poultry and beef to meet the dog.
Be gentle when brushing your teeth and make sure to brush all sides of each tooth (or as much as you can get).
If it is difficult to handle the toothbrush for dogs, you can buy hair glue "toothbrushes" that slip over the tips of your fingers and give better access to the corners of the mouth and a dog teeth. Toothpaste can be applied directly to the bristles and rubber can rub the dog's teeth with the tip of your finger.
Give your dog a treat after brushing the teeth as a reward for their patience and cooperation (although there was not much that is!).

2. Nail trimming
Dogs nails filed, when they walk in a concrete way the need for surgery depends on the dog's nails and how much walking on concrete surfaces.
Overgrown nails can cause pain or discomfort in dogs and humans. (Never had a dog with long nails to jump on you?) Keep your nails cut the dog can also help keep a balance, and slippery floors can be damaged.
It is against the nature of the dog at his feet touched, and he can not resist if not used to having its paws handled.
I suggest that everyone gets their dog used to having their feet touched, so he freaked out when it's time to cut the nails. From time to time to keep the dog's legs and gently massage his pads and nails so that he gets used to a feeling of pressure applied to his feet and toes.
Put your dog on its side, so as not to slip and fall during the process. Cut a bit 'at a time and try best to avoid contact with the "fast", such as surgery, can be a bit' painful for the dog and cause him to bleed.
The "fast" is the small stream that runs through the center of the nail of a dog. If you clip too far down the nail and reach the "fast" do not worry, it happens to the best of us. It will bleed for a few minutes and your dog can let out a scream, but it is a pain.
A pen can stop the bleeding artery, or you can now apply pressure with a cloth about 5 minutes. It is much more difficult to cut nails dark because you can not see the rapid run through the center of the nail.
If you are nervous to cut dog's nails should take him to your vet or PetSmart store, and do so for a small fee. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, have a veterinarian or pet store to combine to teach you.

3. Ear cleaning
Cleaning your dogs ears regularly to avoid bacteria and dirt accumulation.
Do not use hydrogen peroxide to clean the dog's ear. It 'better to buy a solution specifically designed for this purpose. I prefer to use ear wipes are purchased pet store, and are pre-impregnated ear cleaning solution, but it is also possible to buy the balls and cotton ear cleaner to use.
Soft cotton ball with a cleaning liquid and squeeze the excess moisture. Gently rub the wet cotton wool up and down along the inner surface of the ear flap of your dog to get into small hooks to wipe away dirt.
NEVER stick your fingers, Q-tips, or object to the dog in the inner ear, as this can cause serious damage! Let your dog shake his head, if necessary, this will help out moisture, which came in one ear.

4. Brushing
Brushing your dog's skin regularly can reduce shedding and prevent matting of the skin. It also stimulates the skin's natural oils to keep your dog's coat shiny.
Even short haired dogs shed so it's a good idea for every dog ​​owner is a brush in his hand. FURminator is an excellent choice for any sized dog with long hair. (For more information, FURminator, see "Crucial gadgets dog.") It is only in the teeth to go to the dogs undercoat withdraw from several layers of fur.
Many dogs love being brushed, as long as it is done carefully and slowly. The frequency of brushing should depend on the length of your dog's coat. The long-haired dogs should be brushed daily to prevent tangles and mats, but short-haired dogs may need brushing only a few weeks.

5. Bath
The bathroom floor is considered a dirty word in my house. Even when we say it, it seems logical Kaya is a mile away.
I brought out in the shower or garden hose on a hot day, without bathrooms seem to be a pleasant experience for her. Even if there are concerns this routine, once finished, he received special treatment and she seems to enjoy feeling clean and fresh.
Keeping your dog clean is an important element to ensure their health and also helps prevent odor development.
The ASPCA recommends bathing your dog every three months or more, but the frequency of bath time depends on how long your dog goes out. A romp in the mud or a close encounter with a skunk, take a bath right away, both you and your dog!
Nobody wants a stinky dog, then bathe your dog regularly and do everything possible to make bath time a positive experience. Use a dog shampoo (shampoo human work, but can dry out your skin as it is for human hair).
Choose a scent that is not super strong, no dog wants to smell Pepe le Pew! Subtle aroma is fine and will probably disappear over time. Rub the shampoo for your dog carefully and make sure every corner, you would be amazed at the places that dirt can be found!
Do your best to keep the beer away from the dog's eyes do not need to use shampoo on her face. If you really want to clean your face, a wet towel and wipe around the mouth and eyes. Be sure to clean between the toes and pads. Rinse thoroughly in his fur and make sure that the last Southern washed for dry skin or irritation.
For further encouragement, making bath time a family event! Ask your children or your significant other help you bathe your dog. Most dogs enjoy being petted and massaged, so the more hands the better!
It 'very important to dry your dog's ears thoroughly after washing time (inside and out). If your dog's ears have become wet or damp, they may develop bacterial or yeast infections.
And give it a pleasure and a lot of praise for each bathroom to make a positive experience.
If you take the time to provide your dog with basic hygiene measures can help prevent major health problems in the way and you have a dog that looks good and smells clean!


LRMA Presents Life In Colors

Lauren Rogers Museum of Art presents Lois Mailou Jones: Life in bright colors on display at a lower level and Stairwell Gallery 24 8 to 6 November
In a career spanning over 70 years, Lois Mailou Jones (1905-1998) overcame the racial and gender prejudice to become a successful painter and designer, whose influence as a teacher beyond his native country. This exhibition covers the career of Harlem Renaissance artist ended his current synthesis of African, Caribbean, America and the iconography of African-Americans.
Jones was raised in Boston, studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and then spent several years designing textiles in New York. He left in 1928 to take a position teaching at Palmer Memorial Institute in Sedalia, North Carolina. A Palmer, prep school students and African-American, Jones founded the art department, coached basketball, taught folk dances, and played the piano Sunday services. Two years later he moved to Washington, DC, to create a career in painting and teaches at Howard University, where he trained several generations of African-American artists. He teaches at Howard for nearly 50 years, the mentor and the impact on several generations of artists.
Jones was hit hard by a sabbatical in Paris from 1937 to 1938. After all this time into a separate company, he was elated to live in a country where race seemed relevant.
Equally important was her introduction to African tribal art, which was enormously popular in Parisian galleries. At home, Jones began incorporating African motifs into her canvases.  After her 1953 marriage to Haitian graphic designer Louis Vergniaud Pierre-Noël, Jones became intrigued by the bright colors and bold patterns of the architecture, design, and fine art she saw on annual trips to Haiti with her husband.
In the 1970s, Jones traveled extensively in Africa. She lectured, interviewed local artists, and visited museums in 11 countries.  This experience led to further exploration of African subjects in Jones’s work, especially in her paintings executed between 1971 and 1989.
This exhibition is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi, Regions, Foil Wyatt Architects & Planners, Sanderson Farms, and The Jean Chisholm Lindsey Exhibition Endowment Fund and is funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.  Loïs Mailou Jones:  A Life in Vibrant Color is organized by the Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC, in collaboration with the Loïs Mailou Jones Pierre-Noël Trust, and is toured by International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC.

Because Color Makes Red React Quickly

Red, Rojo, lipstick, red? No matter your native language, raises a red color of emotional and physical reactions other than those in other colors. When you think of red, probably to make a strong mental images, like ripe apples, the breadbasket of New England, the American flag, stripes, or even Dorothy's shoes. And now, according to a recent study, the red is a physical response to the increased volume and speed of response to pinch and grip of the test subjects. When the color of the stimulus response time (speed) and the power of that response, the subjects respond with higher values ​​in these two parameters, you guessed it, red.So, make a bullfighter cape and entrepreneurs the power to bind the work for the same purpose? Or, to seduce Eve, the Apple color? Red is the beauty of the sunrise, love the color and the life force that flows in our body - the blood. We "see red" when upset. And now, as recently demonstrated, we are physically stronger and faster to react when you see it.

But we have not done this unconsciously all along?

Tie anthropological significance of red in different environments and its many suggestions, and connect to the feelings that some say that triggers a physical reaction, and the screen seems indisputable. Red is a sporty car, the urban legend, often stopped by police. And the red flashing lights of emergency and an ambulance, or your car.

So why we are increasing our speed and strength of reaction when administered red? Maybe it's a good thing, a neurological trigger that leads us to a quick stop at every red light or stop sign. Drivers passing by the green world is excited to hear about the confirmation of their traveling companions to stop. Red, indeed, seems to help us quickly apply the brakes, the study shows. Fortunately for the red.