Keep Your Dog Healthy With Basic Hygiene

It just takes a little 'time and effort to keep your dog clean and healthy.
Although some dogs may not like being bitten and stung, grooming can actually be a bonding experience for owner and animal. Be gentle, use a soothing voice and give praise and treats during and after each grooming session to show your dog that you do this for love, not punishment.
If you get into a routine with bath and regular cleaning of your dog, you are guaranteed to be satisfied, a healthy, clean, fresh animal!

1. Products for dental care
Like people, dogs can get plaque and tartar, which can be harmful to your oral health. Dental procedures for dogs can be very expensive for what is in your best interest to be proactive and take the time to care for your dog Chompers and pay attention to your oral hygiene.
You should buy toothpaste and a toothbrush especially for the dog's canines. Even if you do not need to wash your dog's teeth every day, do it at least once a week to help prevent serious dental problems on the road.
As children, most dogs do not enjoy this ritual, do it as pleasant as possible experience. Try to brush your dog after he took a long walk or an adventure with a friend, so it's nice and tired. There will be less likely to resist if it is out Tuckers.
It is important to only use toothpaste made for dogs, should, as human toothpaste is not ingested, fluoride can be harmful to dogs. Dog toothpaste comes in, such as poultry and beef to meet the dog.
Be gentle when brushing your teeth and make sure to brush all sides of each tooth (or as much as you can get).
If it is difficult to handle the toothbrush for dogs, you can buy hair glue "toothbrushes" that slip over the tips of your fingers and give better access to the corners of the mouth and a dog teeth. Toothpaste can be applied directly to the bristles and rubber can rub the dog's teeth with the tip of your finger.
Give your dog a treat after brushing the teeth as a reward for their patience and cooperation (although there was not much that is!).

2. Nail trimming
Dogs nails filed, when they walk in a concrete way the need for surgery depends on the dog's nails and how much walking on concrete surfaces.
Overgrown nails can cause pain or discomfort in dogs and humans. (Never had a dog with long nails to jump on you?) Keep your nails cut the dog can also help keep a balance, and slippery floors can be damaged.
It is against the nature of the dog at his feet touched, and he can not resist if not used to having its paws handled.
I suggest that everyone gets their dog used to having their feet touched, so he freaked out when it's time to cut the nails. From time to time to keep the dog's legs and gently massage his pads and nails so that he gets used to a feeling of pressure applied to his feet and toes.
Put your dog on its side, so as not to slip and fall during the process. Cut a bit 'at a time and try best to avoid contact with the "fast", such as surgery, can be a bit' painful for the dog and cause him to bleed.
The "fast" is the small stream that runs through the center of the nail of a dog. If you clip too far down the nail and reach the "fast" do not worry, it happens to the best of us. It will bleed for a few minutes and your dog can let out a scream, but it is a pain.
A pen can stop the bleeding artery, or you can now apply pressure with a cloth about 5 minutes. It is much more difficult to cut nails dark because you can not see the rapid run through the center of the nail.
If you are nervous to cut dog's nails should take him to your vet or PetSmart store, and do so for a small fee. If you want to learn how to do it yourself, have a veterinarian or pet store to combine to teach you.

3. Ear cleaning
Cleaning your dogs ears regularly to avoid bacteria and dirt accumulation.
Do not use hydrogen peroxide to clean the dog's ear. It 'better to buy a solution specifically designed for this purpose. I prefer to use ear wipes are purchased pet store, and are pre-impregnated ear cleaning solution, but it is also possible to buy the balls and cotton ear cleaner to use.
Soft cotton ball with a cleaning liquid and squeeze the excess moisture. Gently rub the wet cotton wool up and down along the inner surface of the ear flap of your dog to get into small hooks to wipe away dirt.
NEVER stick your fingers, Q-tips, or object to the dog in the inner ear, as this can cause serious damage! Let your dog shake his head, if necessary, this will help out moisture, which came in one ear.

4. Brushing
Brushing your dog's skin regularly can reduce shedding and prevent matting of the skin. It also stimulates the skin's natural oils to keep your dog's coat shiny.
Even short haired dogs shed so it's a good idea for every dog ​​owner is a brush in his hand. FURminator is an excellent choice for any sized dog with long hair. (For more information, FURminator, see "Crucial gadgets dog.") It is only in the teeth to go to the dogs undercoat withdraw from several layers of fur.
Many dogs love being brushed, as long as it is done carefully and slowly. The frequency of brushing should depend on the length of your dog's coat. The long-haired dogs should be brushed daily to prevent tangles and mats, but short-haired dogs may need brushing only a few weeks.

5. Bath
The bathroom floor is considered a dirty word in my house. Even when we say it, it seems logical Kaya is a mile away.
I brought out in the shower or garden hose on a hot day, without bathrooms seem to be a pleasant experience for her. Even if there are concerns this routine, once finished, he received special treatment and she seems to enjoy feeling clean and fresh.
Keeping your dog clean is an important element to ensure their health and also helps prevent odor development.
The ASPCA recommends bathing your dog every three months or more, but the frequency of bath time depends on how long your dog goes out. A romp in the mud or a close encounter with a skunk, take a bath right away, both you and your dog!
Nobody wants a stinky dog, then bathe your dog regularly and do everything possible to make bath time a positive experience. Use a dog shampoo (shampoo human work, but can dry out your skin as it is for human hair).
Choose a scent that is not super strong, no dog wants to smell Pepe le Pew! Subtle aroma is fine and will probably disappear over time. Rub the shampoo for your dog carefully and make sure every corner, you would be amazed at the places that dirt can be found!
Do your best to keep the beer away from the dog's eyes do not need to use shampoo on her face. If you really want to clean your face, a wet towel and wipe around the mouth and eyes. Be sure to clean between the toes and pads. Rinse thoroughly in his fur and make sure that the last Southern washed for dry skin or irritation.
For further encouragement, making bath time a family event! Ask your children or your significant other help you bathe your dog. Most dogs enjoy being petted and massaged, so the more hands the better!
It 'very important to dry your dog's ears thoroughly after washing time (inside and out). If your dog's ears have become wet or damp, they may develop bacterial or yeast infections.
And give it a pleasure and a lot of praise for each bathroom to make a positive experience.
If you take the time to provide your dog with basic hygiene measures can help prevent major health problems in the way and you have a dog that looks good and smells clean!